Full Insight into Your Wireless Carrier Spending

Analytics and Reporting

OneCall Global provides a complete range of intuitive reports that enable you to quickly assess your wireless spending and its relationship to your actual business needs—so you can make decision and take actions that save your company money, month in and month out. These reports include:

OneCall Mobile Asset Portal (MAP)

MAP is a proprietary database that maintains a record of all your mobile devices across different carriers. It associates each mobile devices with an employee, cost center, department, etc. It also maintains information about each mobile device’s rate plan, upgrade eligibility date, features and accessories. This database makes it easy to keep track of your mobile assets—and to correlate device usage to the organizational role of the corresponding employee.

OneCall Clarity Reports

Our cloud-based Clarity Reports provide you with rich, dynamic insight into the behaviors of your employees so you can make smarter, fact-based management decisions. By understanding how employees utilize their mobile devices—and how that behavior is changing/trending over time—you can quickly pinpoint potential problems before they cost you money and plan more intelligently for your future needs.

clarity reports1-1
clarity reports2-2

OneCall Threshold Reports

Your OneCall Threshold Reports will enable you to quickly determine whether any of your employees are engaging in anomalous behaviors that can cost your company money unnecessarily. Because these reports can be organized by department, location or other organizational attributes, they can readily be passed along to appropriate managers for action. This is a much more effective practice than simply providing alerts to centralized wireless cost managers who have no working relationships with the employee in question.

OneCall Cost Center Reports

With OneCall Cost Center Reports, every penny in your carrier invoice can be accurately accounted for at the business level. Drill-down capabilities allows you to zero in on the charges incurred each month by every employee for voice calls, data overage and messages. These flexible reports allow you to adjust your voice pooling charges so that high-usage employees are allocated more charges than low-usage employees. You can also assign different types of charges on your invoices to a different budgets budget cost centers. For example, equipment costs can be allocated to IT while the usage charges are allocated to individual employees. Our Cost Center Reports also include an Accounts Payable report that can be automatically shared with Accounting to fulfill governance/compliance requirements.