The Smartest Way to Manage Your Company’s Wireless Expenses

Get Guaranteed Results…Fast!

OneCall Global uniquely empowers you to minimize your monthly wireless costs while maximizing the business value your company gets from its mobility investments. We do this with carrier-agnostic services that make it easy for you to keep your wireless plan closely aligned with your employees’ actual needs—and that empower you to both pro-actively prevent and reactively eliminate wasteful spending before it gets “baked in” to your monthly bill. Not just once, but day in and day out. Just as important, with OneCall you achieve these benefits quickly—without risk or excessive effort. Thanks to our award-winning analytics and proven methodology, we can guarantee results. Plus, because our solution leverages the cloud and includes complete implementation and management services, you don’t have to get bogged down in a time-consuming project. All we need is some information from you, and in just 60 days you’ll already be reaping worthwhile returns.

User Behavior: The Key to Smarter Wireless Expense Management

Most wireless expense management solution start by looking at your bill. But that doesn’t make sense. You don’t sign up with a wireless carrier to pay a bill. You sign up with a wireless carrier to provide your employees with the mobility they need to get their work done. So it makes sense to put your employees’ needs and behaviors at the center of your strategy for wireless expense management. Those needs and behaviors, after all, are what drive your costs. And they’re what should be driving your decisions about wireless spending. And that’s exactly what we do at OneCall. We use your wireless invoice to capture vital usage data that we can analyze by employee, department, role and other relevant attributes. Armed with that analysis, we enable you to make the smartest possible decisions about how to best structure your carrier plan—and where employee behavior may be generating unnecessary costs.

By focusing on what your employees are doing with their mobile devices, OneCall can also do a much better job of helping you appropriately modify your wireless plan and prevent waste as those behaviors change over time—as they inevitably will.

60 Days to Successful Mobile Cost Control

OneCall guarantees tangible results in just 60 days. We achieve these results for you with a simple and effective three-step program:

OneCall uses your recent invoice to quickly and accurately analyze your employees’ wireless usage and compare that to your current plan structure. Using sophisticated algorithms and a constantly updated inventory of current wireless carrier plans structures, we provide you with unmatched actionable insight into any and all disconnects between what you’re paying for and what you actually need.

Using the insights described above, OneCall assists you in taking multiple actions to eliminate any and all discovered disconnects. These actions can include modifying your plan, changing carriers and/or addressing anomalous employee usage. At your request, OneCall can also implement measures such as our Dynamic Roaming Alerts to further eliminate wasteful wireless spending.

After initial implementation, OneCall’s state-of-the-art continues to monitor employee behavior to alert you to any new opportunities to better align your plan and/or eliminate waste. OneCall also monitors your plan to ensure that your carrier has in fact executed any requested changes. In addition, we provide you with the monthly and real-time reporting you need to document your savings and to maintain visibility into your company’s wireless activity.

In other words, in just two months, OneCall can ensure that your company has proven best-practices wireless expense management in place—and that you can have the utmost confidence that you are fulfilling your mission to eliminate waste and optimize the alignment of your plan to your business needs. So why wait? Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion of your needs—and be sitting pretty in 60 days or less.