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Wireless Management Policies Can Help Companies Maintain Visibility, Control Over Mobile Assets

By Beecher Tuttle, TMCnet Contributor

The recent influx of innovative and highly collaborative mobile devices has forever changed the way that companies run their business. Gone are the days of in-office landline phones being the primary form of communication for enterprise and SMB employees. Today’s workforce is an increasingly mobile one, relying more on wireless devices than ever before.

This newfound dependence on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices has created a bit of a predicament for organizations. Failing to have control over wireless management can result in major security concerns, lapses in productivity and unnecessary expenses.

For this reason, companies should consider implementing device and security management policies that mitigate the risk associated with company-wide mobile deployments.

OneCall Global, a provider of a data-driven decision making tools for wireless management, can provide organizations with the visibility and insight necessary to gain control over mobile rollouts.

The software provider’s Policy Setting Service simplifies the process of purchasing and managing mobile devices. OneCall Global’a Mobile Asset Database maintains a company’s wireless devices in one centralized location, enabling them to manage their asset base with full visibility.

OneCall Global’s enterprise system interface is capable of communicating electronically with a company’s internal systems to update the database of all pertinent changes, including when a new employee is hired or when an existing employee moves on. With these alerts in place, OneCall Global can procure or terminate mobile devices automatically, without ever needing to talk directly to the company.

Other key features associated with the company’s wireless management capabilities include an audit trail of historical configurations, insight into the wireless accounts of every employee and how the services are being used, as well as full visibility over asset inventory.

In addition to device management, OneCall Global’s Policy Setting Service helps to protect an organization’s intellectual property, which is often more valuable than the devices or services themselves.

OneCall Global can create a security policy, implement security measures and procedures as well as recommend highly-capable 3rd party security software, giving companies peace-of-mind that their confidential data is as safe as possible.


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Edited by Rich Steeves