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OneCall Global Offers Constant Analysis and Updates of Telecom Carrier Invoice Changes

OneCall Global, international provider of a data-driven decision making for Wireless Management (WM), today announced that its WM software suite updates and analyzes carriers’ invoices, including recent changes on Verizon Wireless invoice format.

Indecipherable invoices riddled with cryptic charges are the hallmark of telecom carrier billing. For WM vendors, a key challenge has been providing technology and service solutions that can download and accurately analyze carrier invoices at any given moment. Without a software suite that proactively accommodates the constant invoice changes, a WM vendor cannot determine erroneous and unnecessary charges effectively.

“If the wireless management software vendor is unable to decipher the latest carrier invoice changes, the customer ends up paying for them without knowing what they are paying for,” said OneCall Global President Céline Greffard. “You will never find all the potential savings unless your software can go deep into the invoice, analyze every single charge on the invoice and alert you if there is an invoice change. The ability to go so granular into an invoice is what separates us from the traditional wireless management software vendors out there today.”

Carrier invoice changes can radically alter a monthly bill, costing Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies tens of thousands of dollars monthly, if errors or the need to change service plans go unnoticed. Errors are common, Greffard explained, because wireless services are dynamic. One example is when a new service feature is added (or prorated) estimated initial costs on a monthly bill aren’t adjusted properly.

Verizon Wireless is the latest carrier to change its invoices. The key element changed was renaming “Text, Picture and Video related services” to the generic “Messaging.” This exemplifies how an improved invoice can become even less decipherable, hiding individual costs that are critical to scrutinize (in order to choose the right service plan and drive down costs over time).

If a WM vendor does not keep up to date with all carrier invoice changes, its key value proposition comes into question.

About OneCall Global:
The OneCall Global (OCG) infrastructural software solution, which handles the entire life cycle of wireless expenses, is a systems-thinking solution that operates with the big picture in mind. Wireless devices and workforce habits are a constantly changing environment.

OCG’s SaaS solution enables the complete automation and management of mobile devices and related expenses to global and domestic businesses. The OCG team enables innovative businesses with mobile assets a faster ROI than any telecom or wireless expense management solution on the market.

OCG is vastly different than the outsourced number crunching models that require long incubation periods, constant analysis, repetitive maintenance, and the increased possibility of human error. Up and running in under one month, OCG drills deeper into the wireless bill by accessing every data level, from multiple sources, and generating a single report that synthesizes the information. We not only find every detail of unnecessary spending to reduce telecom expenses, but identify best practices to fix problems without losing functionality where it’s needed. The OCG team studies individual behavior, and finds solutions that serve that behavior, in order to maximize productivity. OCG is a minority owned business. For more information, visit

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