OneCall Global’s Wireless Expense Management Resource Center

As the Director of IT, one of my responsibilities is to oversee our Wireless Program. However, I’ve hired several people to assist me, yet I still can’t get a grasp on it. Why is managing Wireless so difficult? What am I doing wrong?

Unlike computers and even your desk phones, your wireless spend depends on the end-users’ behavior. And unlike any other vendors, the wireless carriers make you “predict” what your usage is per month. (You have to buy a set number of minutes. If you go over, then the carriers charge you $0.25 to $0.50 per minute.) Without the proper set of tools, it is difficult to predict the end-users’ behavior, and therefore difficult to predict which plans are right for you. OneCall provides you with the tools that you need to monitor and predict your usage, helping you choose the correct plans and features, and saving you thousands of dollars every month. Onecall also provides resources to handle the dynamic negotiations required in the changing world of Wireless. OneCall has spent years in developing tools that help you manage your wireless program effectively and inexpensively.