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Can WEMaaS really change your life?

OK, I admit it’s not the coolest acronym in the world. But WEMaaS is here. And, yes, it can change your life.

WEMaaS stands for “Wireless Expense Management as a Service.” And, while it may be pretty damn ugly as an acronym, as a corporate resource it is nothing short of beautiful.

TEM for wireless has generally been a pain. First, you invest your valuable time assessing TEM vendors and trying to make sense of their competing claims. Then, once you pick one, you spend months waiting for them to wade through your data so that they can make some recommendations.

And when you finally implement those recommendations, your savings can wind up being less than spectacular. In fact, half the time you’re not even sure you’re saving as much as you should—because your vendor is getting a commission from a wireless carrier!

WEMaaS completely changes the rules of the game. Here’s how:

1. WEMaaS is fast. Instead of bogging you down with months of manual call data analysis, WEMaaS uses proven BI mechanisms to quickly pinpoint opportunities for savings based on actual user behavior. So you can start realizing benefits within weeks.

2. WEMaaS is easy. When all your usage data is up in the cloud and complemented by an on-demand BI/reporting engine, you can quickly and easily “slice-and-dice” that data however you like. Pre-formatted reports make it especially easy to zero in on top talkers, usage by LOB, and other useful metrics.

3. WEMaaS delivers high ROI. Conventional WEM forces you to spend lots of time and effort chasing uncertain returns. With WEMaaS, on the other hand, you can achieve substantial savings with a relatively modest initial investment. In fact, if you qualify, your WEMaaS vendor may even offer you a zero-risk trial.

Of course, there’s a downside to WEMaaS too. Once you find out how much you’ve been over-paying on your wireless bill, the pangs of regret may be physically uncomfortable. And you may get into some tough internal political battles over what exactly your company should do with the money it saves.

But if you’re serious about controlling your wireless costs—and about optimally enabling your workforce with mobility—WEMaaS definitely warrants a closer look.