OneCall Global’s Wireless Expense Management Resource Center

OneCall Manage Becomes OneCall Global to Reflect Fulfillment of Customers’ Transnational Mobility Needs


OneCall Manage today announced that it is re-branding the company as OneCall Global to better
reflect its ability to meet the increasingly transnational needs of its customers.

The industry leader’s complete portfolio of highly effective and rapidly deployable wireless
expense management solutions work with any carrier in any country, allowing customers to
consolidate control of their spending across operating geographies and to minimize costs
regardless where in the world employees use their mobile devices.

OneCall Global’s Dynamic Roaming Alerts™ are of particular value to organization whose
executives and/or managers travel to different parts of the world—and which are therefore
especially vulnerable to unexpected and potentially exorbitant roaming costs.

“Mobility is a global phenomenon, and organizations operating globally have to take a global
view of both their use and their spending,” says company president Céline Greffard. “OneCall
Global uniquely enables this global approach without the complexity or overlong time-to-benefit
historically associated with enterprise-class wireless expense management.”

About OneCall Global
OneCall Global enables companies to rigorously and effortlessly control their wireless costs
while maximizing the business value of their growing investments in mobile technology. Our
cloud-based solutions feature advanced analytics that pinpoint the actionable insight hidden in
the “big data” of today’s wireless invoices. We are committed to the long-term success of our
customers as they seek both to take advantage of the new business opportunities arising out of
the global mobile revolution and to protect themselves from its associated risks.

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