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OneCall Global Introduces Self Service invoiceREDUCER™

RED BANK, NJ–(Marketwire – Aug 22, 2011) – OneCall Global, Inc. today announced a new service offering invoiceREDUCER™ to help customers extract savings from their wireless invoices. invoiceREDUCER™ provides recommendations that businesses can implement immediately to reduce their wireless costs. invoiceREDUCER does not come with an implementation contract and it does not change the way wireless is managed; it simply points out areas for enhancement so businesses can lower their wireless costs. invoiceREDUCER comes with a money back guarantee.

“We created invoiceREDUCER for customers who want to manage wireless on their own and who want to further drive down cost quickly utilizing a specialized tool. Customers get the benefits of our recommendations but aren’t committed to a service contract. Also, there is no obligation; they can try out invoiceREDUCER, and if we cannot find savings for them, they don’t pay,” said Céline Greffard, President, OneCall Global . “In addition, invoiceREDUCER is perfect for telecom consultants and partners who want to utilize it for their customers.”

OneCall invoiceREDUCER trends user behaviors, one phone at a time, to determine the right plans and features for each user. The cloud-based tool provides quick and easy reports showing — line item by line item — the plans and features to add or remove. OneCall has worked with the carriers to create these reports in a format that the carrier support staff will understand, making it easy to implement the savings. Typical customers can expect savings of 15-25% on the initial optimization and about 5-10% on quarterly optimizations.

About OneCall Global
OneCall Global specializes in wireless management and provides a WEMaaS solution that completely automates the management of mobile devices and related expenses to global and domestic businesses. OneCall Global is able to decrease customers’ cost per phone year after year even as wireless usage continues to increase. OneCall Global quickly analyzes invoices at a more sophisticated level, delivering superior plan optimization and invoice analysis, with greater insight into the clients’ usage and spend. This allows them to deliver significant and actionable savings for their customers in a short amount of time. OneCall Global is a women-owned business.