OneCall Global’s Wireless Expense Management Resource Center

What is this going to cost?

One of the great things about OneCall is that all costs are defined up front prior to you spending one dime. In fact, our process is to save you money. There is no cost for our Maximizer if we cannot save you money!

  • Optimization is a % of Annual Savings found.
  • Asset Management, OneCall Help desk, Custom Reporting and other management services are billed monthly on a per device basis with generous volume discounts available.
  • Custom Consulting and Special Management Engagements are priced during the response for proposal stage.

Does it make sense to see all the expense savings and future productivity enhancements prior to reviewing the cost side of the equation? We make this guarantee to each client – we will save you much more in time, staff, and real expense dollars than the cost of our services. Plus your key resources will be focused on your organization’s goals not whose cell phone is working.