OneCall Global’s Wireless Expense Management Resource Center

Case Study – Fortune 1000 Service Company

Client is a service firm (SV Co.) with 600+ locations throughout US. Managing over 20,000 mobile devices was difficult and very labor intensive. Not only did the telecom manager optimized their wireless expenses each month, he also had to reallocate the wireless costs to all the locations. Using his finance background, he created manual spreadsheets and calculators to accomplish the tasks. However, the process was not sustainable long term. SV Co. used two TEMs in the past to manage their wireless expenses; yet none of them was able to deliver significant savings nor could they create the reports that SV Co. required. SV Co. decided to hire OneCall Manage when OneCall Manage, within 15 days, demonstrated over $800,000 in annualized savings and produced charge-back allocation reports with SV Co.’s data, all prior to SV Co. signing a contract.

Due to the company’s seasonality, OneCall Manage optimized SV Co. wireless invoices monthly instead of quarterly. Because the voice pool contained millions of minutes, 1% of additional minutes they purchased would cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Therefore, OneCall Manage managed the voice pool within a small margin each month to keep cost down. This resulted in thousands of changes OneCall Manage implemented with SV Co.’s carriers each month. Not only did OneCall Manage monitor these changes to ensure the carriers implemented them properly, we also audited the invoices each month to ensure the charges were invoiced properly.

As a result of OneCall Manage’s constant monitoring, SV Co. saved over $3.3 million each year on their wireless expenses. Between 2009 and 2011, SV Co.’s handset count increased by 18% while voice usage increased by 210% and data usage by 283%. At the same time, many of the devices had been migrated from a simple cell phone to the more costly smartphones. Yet, SV Co.’s cost per phone DECREASED by 6% in the same period by utilizing OneCall Manage’s sophisticed WEMaaS software.