OneCall Global’s Wireless Expense Management Resource Center

Case Study – Fortune 1000 Pharmaceutical Company

Client is an international pharmaceutical company (Pharm Co.) with offices in 32 countries worldwide. Pharm Co. wanted to view all their wireless devices from all the countries in one centralized portal. Being an international company, Pharm Co. also had a cost-allocation requirement whereby a cost center could be charged back the expenses on multiple devices from multiple countries. OneCall Manage’s unique WEMaaS software handled Pharm Co.’s requirements effortlessly.

With OneCall Manage’s WEMaaS solution, Pharm Co. was able to gain greater visibility and insight on their wireless spend worldwide. Besides optimizing wireless invoices and providing the cost-allocation reports monthly, OneCall Manage also assisted client in implementing additional wireless policies to created further savings. OneCall Manage worked with the client’s offices around the world to implement a centralized asset portal and to optimize their wireless invoices. Between 2010 and 2011, client’s wireless device count increased by 29% while voice usage increased by 52%. Yet, with visibility into its wireless spend and better insights into its users’ usage behavior, client’s cost per phone actually DECREASED by 13%