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My “New and Improved” Carrier Invoices are Impossible to Decipher:

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Carrier invoices are notoriously indecipherable, and in the latest Verizon Wireless changes, new columns in the invoices are added while existing columns are removed. For example, in a recent email Verizon sent to its customer, Verizon added a new column for “Messaging Charges” while removing the column called “Data Usage”.

Unfortunately, invoice form changes is quite typical for carriers, it’s not just Verizon Wireless. Although the enhancements to the invoices have their merits, it makes it difficult for you to decipher the new information just as you are getting used to the old format.

The reality is you need to be able to analyze every line item on a carrier invoice, and know what it means. Sometimes even when the line item is listed, it’s so cryptic it’s hard to understand. If you cannot analyze your invoices line by line, it’s impossible to find all the potential savings, make sure you have the features you need, and drive down your costs.

Please email us any questions you have about your invoices. We’ll be happy to answer them.

Our software suite not only “translates” every single charge on the carrier invoices, it is also designed to proactively detect new carrier invoice changes, and enable OneCall Global to quickly account for these new changes. We are always up-to-date with carrier invoice changes, where we can quickly incorporate the changes into our analysis. We also translate them into meaningful information for you to make a data-driven, sound decision about a service plan.

We also offer a HelpDesk service that calls the carrier for you when you do find errors or changes that need to be made, and resolves disputes on your behalf.