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When it comes to WEM, speed counts

Historically, TEM and WEM have moved at a glacial pace. Some WEM vendors still take months to on-board customers and start providing invoice analysis. They also struggle to provide timely ongoing insight into user behavior.

But time is money. And nowhere is this truer than with WEM. Here’s why:

Savings delayed are savings lost

The longer it takes you to get up to speed with WEM, the longer you continue overpaying your wireless carriers. That’s money you can never get back.

Also, with a slow-moving WEM engagement, you tie up cash and human resources without seeing any business benefit for months. In today’s economy, few companies can afford such unnecessarily delayed ROI.

User behaviors can change overnight

There is no rule that states that users have to behave this month the same way they behaved last month. In fact, in today’s virally connected social networks, a hot new website can change your users’ data usage overnight. So you have to be able to immediately spot any trends and anomalies in usage that might affect your next bill.

Businesses need to be highly adaptable

In today’s dynamic marketplace, you never know what kind of business change you’ll have to accommodate. You may acquire a company. You may roll out new wireless apps. You may completely restructure your sales and field service organizations.

If it takes an inordinate amount of time and effort to modify your WEM system accordingly, you will add to the cost and the headaches associated with every such change. And you’ll again expose yourself to the likelihood of having to spend too much on wireless for some period of time before you get your act together.

That’s why speed and adaptability is central to any WEM value proposition. A WEM solution that you can get up and running immediately will start paying for itself immediately. It will also free up your resources immediately, so you can move on to the next project.

A nimble WEM solution will also let you stay on top of your users’ behavior, so you can quickly take appropriate action if usage starts to deviate from previous months’ norms. Such a solution will also more easily accommodate change—allowing you to better support the moves your business makes.

Of course, it’s tough to overcome the mind-set that WEM has to be slow and cumbersome. For years, WEM vendors—especially those from traditional TEM backgrounds—have insisted that the accurate analysis of wireless invoices had to be a laborious, months-long process.

But this is not the case. WEM can now be delivered quickly as a cloud-based service. So you can start getting results quickly—and nimbly adapt to any changes that come down the road.

Speed counts. And it pays.

How quickly—or slowly—did you get your WEM solution up and running? I’d love to know! Just contact me at