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Mobility refresh: Death of the desktop?

For years, companies have been periodically refreshing their desktop PCs in order to keep up with processor cycles, new operating systems and other platform considerations. But, as mobility becomes increasingly imperative, it may be time to think about... Read More

Mobile stipends: Solution or cop-out?

Many companies are trying to simplify their management of employee mobility through the use of stipends. Under this approach, employees can get whatever device they want and use it as much as they want. The only thing their employer does to support the... Read More

Non-disruptive WEM the key to high ROI

It is obviously most important to save money when business requirements are growing faster than resources. This is the current case with wireless telecom. Usage is growing for a variety of reasons. People are practically living on their cellphones... Read More

When it comes to WEM, speed counts

Historically, TEM and WEM have moved at a glacial pace. Some WEM vendors still take months to on-board customers and start providing invoice analysis. They also struggle to provide timely ongoing insight into user behavior. But time is money. And nowhere... Read More

The death of all-you-can-eat data

Now that Verizon has announced the end of unlimited data plans, corporate telecom managers will have to rethink the way they buy wireless plans for their users. Unlimited data made things easy for us. It absolved us of the need to think. We could just... Read More

Fear of saving

One surprisingly common reason that companies don’t use WEMaaS to cut their phone bills has nothing to do with calling plans or cost calculations. It has to do with basic human psychology. Many telecom managers are simply embarrassed to publicly admit... Read More

Everybody into the pool!

The “pooling” of user minutes is an important best practice for driving down your monthly cell phone costs while ensuring that everyone gets all the talk-time they need. But most companies don’t do it right. So they wind up either wasting their... Read More

Can WEMaaS really change your life?

OK, I admit it’s not the coolest acronym in the world. But WEMaaS is here. And, yes, it can change your life. WEMaaS stands for “Wireless Expense Management as a Service.” And, while it may be pretty damn ugly as an acronym, as a corporate resource... Read More